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Coco Rouzier / Red Astaire stun with sublime new track

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After a period of relative quiet, Swedish producer Red Astaire (aka. Freddie Cruger) knows how to make an entrance.

Best known for a number of killer tracks such as; Follow Me, Running From Love, and his collaborations with Linn (Waiting for Spring), the hugely admired producer has returned with the soulful vocals of American singer, Coco Rouzier and worked his magic.

The result is stunning, sublime and mesmerising mellow.

It's an immediately captivating sound that will transport you to a stylish bar with an ice-cold cocktail and thoughts of a lost love.

'Rescue Me' is an original, soulful Bossa Nova song written and performed by Coco with Red Astaire supplying the masterful beats layered with sweet horns.

Released with a classy and elegant video to match, this is easily one of the best tracks this year.

Coco has spent over a decade singing at Weddings in NYC, Jazz festivals in Europe around the world, and it has taken time for her to discover her writing voice. Having gone through a recent heartbreak it was a painful way to give birth to her new expression. However, now she's found it with breathtaking effect.

With news that they are working on more releases, (next track - Reaching Out To You) we have a lot more to look forward to while we enjoy our Martinis.

Best served chilled... and often.


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