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Video Premiere: F.U.N.C. – Nectar

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Finnish/Dutch duo F.U.N.C. invite you to their futuristic R&B adventure to the dark side of the human psyche with the release of their music video - Nectar.

The video marks the point Nordic R&B rose to a new level and immediately becomes a classic of this new alternative genre.

The video is more of a short Nordic noir movie and perfectly reflects their debut single 'Nectar', as it's based on the primal scent of seduction and turmoil.

Stripped of dialogue, and driven by soulful tones and hard-hitting beats, the dark, captivating video is a combination of instantly intriguing stories revolving around sex, deception, violence and greed.

Soaked in realism and atmospheric chill it feels peeled from the pages of a Henning Mankell or Stieg Larsson novel as we get a glimpse behind the curtains, doors and streets of a cold Scandinavian winter.

F.U.N.C. opened the creativity of the story to Helsinki-based writer and director Simo Liukka. Together with sublime cinematography by Jukka Moisio and exquisite production by Visual Works they produce a mesmerising five+ mins.

F.U.N.C. is a collaboration between Finnish producer Misha and Dutch singer Chai Blaq.

The song reflects the inner greed, the primitive desire for the forbidden fruit – Nectar”, elaborates producer Misha.

The highly praised debut single has over 110 000 streams on Spotify with a prime airtime on popular alternative radio stations in Finland and the Netherlands.

We expect that number to only rise.

F.U.N.C. have created a genre defining moment musically and now visually.

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