Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:19

Iron Island debuts an emotional ballad

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Iron Island is Danish singers Dan Hjernø's solo project and his debut single - A Man I Used to Know, is a soulful, emotionally-filled ballad.

Despite its incredibly short run length there enough sentiment in this stripped down track to convey genuine heart and Scandinavian soul.

Comparable to UK singer Sam Smith, the Danish singer's sensitive tone draws from his life experience, as the 34-year-old singer and songwriter Dan Hjernø explores personal and daring questions.
"A Man In Used to Know is a break-up song. My wife and I went apart shortly after our daughter was born. The song describes my doubts about relationships during that period. The doubt of the ability to manage love. Could I be a good father for my little child? Could I hold on to my family? Could I hold on to myself? It was a wild and difficult period for my family and me, and A Man I Used to Know is coming from there," he says.
"No man is an island," says the proverb and Hjernø as a soloist does not stand alone either. The solo project draws threads back to the pop and rock bands that have formed Hjernø as an artist for the last 15 years.

We're not sure what else we can expect from Iron Island following this soulful debut, but we'll keep our ears on him.

And one things for sure, we can't be the only ones thinking this is begging to be remixed!

A Man In Used to Know is out Friday 23rd June.

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