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Why Do We Treat You So Bad - Daniel Rosenholm feat. Klara Kazmi

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When it comes to our beautiful home - Earth, Daniel Rosenholm’s new song asks the question  “Why Do We Treat You So Bad”.

It's a good moment to pause for thought. How can we continue to live our lives the way we do when scientists all over the world agree that we must change our lifestyles dramatically if this planet is going to remain habitable for future generations?

Daniel voices his concerns in a jazzy soul single featuring Klara Kazmi.

When Klara joined the team she changed the last lines of the second verse to:
'It’s not too late; there’s a lot we can do', and it was this text that inspired their hashtag #theresalotwecando.

They realised using the hashtag could help them get the message of the song out and invite people to start sharing what they are doing to save the planet.

Now he hopes that the hashtag and his song will get more people involved and realize the seriousness of the climate issue.



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