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Soweco live in the UK

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Swedish Soul/jazz trio Soweco head to the UK this month to perform at Soul:Live in Luton.

The award-winning band recently released their 2nd album 'Keep On', and it's been widely acclaimed (read our review here) and featured on radio stations such as Solar radio and Floradio.

Soweco consists of smooth vocals from Frosche Renmark, Mattias Roos on Keys and Peter Gustavsson on Drums. Their warm vibrate sounds are perfectly encapsulated in tracks such as; Precious Time, Keela Wee and Let the Rain Fall Down - irresistible to soul and jazz lovers everywhere.

SOUL:LIVE, presented by the Soulvation Radio Show, takes place at The Bear Club on 27th January 2018 and alongside Soweco DJs will spin a selection of perfect grooves.

Tickets £15/£12.50 (Bear Club Members) available online now HERE.

Listen to Soweco on Spotify HERE.

**Soweco is an acronym for SO WEst COast**

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  • SOWECO - Keep On 

    If I was going to sum this album up in one word it would be “smooth.”

    If I was pushed to expand on that, I’d probably go for “damn smooth!”

    Okay, you are going to need more than that but smooth is certainly the watch word here and when you then realise that the band name is an acronym for “So West Coast” then it all makes sense. The west coast in question being that of sun kissed California and the vibe being so laid back that the band are virtually horizontal.

    The album does take a bit of finding, especially if you want to dip your toes in its sonic waters before deciding whether you are going to commit to a purchase, in fact, it seems to have a subdued on line presence on par with that normally reserved for winners of The Voice!

    However, once you do track it down, you are in for a real treat.

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