Friday, 19 January 2018 16:04

AME ARDAI - Not Believing

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New singers seem to be the theme of the new year with superb introductions from Moskowitz & Katja Welner, Jagne and Luxe for Fun.

Now, 21-year-old singer/songwriter, AME ARDAI joins this month's notable list.

The young Swedish songstress released her debut R&B/pop-driven single 'Not Believing' today, and it delightfully mixes sweet vocals with a solid bass-line.

Speaking exclusively to us, Ame (Amanda Jennefors) explained 'I'm a singer, pianist, violinist, and producer. I'd say my genre is a combination of modern pop soul and 90s R&B. And despite my young age, I'm just as confident behind the microphone as I am in the producer's chair.'

Listening to her debut, we can hear her the confidence in her voice. The quality of the self-produced single also says volumes about her talents.

With the promise of more tracks to come, AME ARDAI is a name you should expect to hear a lot more of.

And we're looking forward to it!

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