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Charlotte Dos Santos releases captivating new video

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'It's time to be free' sings Charlotte Dos Santos as the single 'Red Clay' draws to an end. It's also an encapsulating description to her incredibly enchanting bond-esque video directed by Marina Oriente.

The Norwegian singer, who we unbelievably once described as shy, takes centre stage and is utter captivating, confident and naked throughout the video for this dreamy single.

Describing the video, Charlotte writes "The complete metamorphosis from larva to a butterfly is one of the most spectacular transformations in the natural world. They completely remodel their bodies within the pupa – the caterpillar digests herself and creates her adult parts, and when she is ready, she frees herself from the safety and warmth of the pupa inside the silky cocoon. By using the body as a canvas, we are with this video reclaiming female bodies from a sexual gaze and looking at the transformation into womanhood and the emergence of a new awakening through a repeated cycle"

We've held Charlotte aloft since her debut release, and she continues to exceed even our expectations. With beautiful and effortless vocals easily on par with Lianne La Havas and Corinne Bailey Rae, she always leaves us eagerly wanting more.

This video confirms Charlotte Dos Santos, the singer and the woman, has arrived.

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