Friday, 08 September 2017 12:44

Dreamcast & Sasac release seductive soul single - Leo

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We've just discovered a smooth and mellow soulful single 'Leo', on Soundcloud and it's stuck on repeat. The track is a collaboration of Swedish producer Sasac and US singer Dreamcast.

Singer Taliah also provides seductive backing vocals on this cut that melts and floats with an engaging, laid-back rhythm.

Incredibly, this is the B-side!

Dreamcast combines a hybrid of genres into his music, channeling inspiration from house, jazz, R&B and future sounds. Together with Sasac, they seem to be in complete trans-global symphony.

And yeah, we know what you're thinking.

Yes, the A side is just as good!

Produced by ultraultra, the slow - burning Summer Love is best described as baby-making music, slow and dreamy highlighted with delicate electric guitar chords.

and if that wasn't enough.. we found one more to sink into - Liquid Deep.

We suggest listening out for more from DREAMCAST & SASAC.


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