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Mapei goes on Reality Road with Volvo trucks

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American born Mapei grew up in Sweden and it’s where she feels at home. Now she reaches out of her comfort zone and ventures on a road trip with friend and director Liza Minou Morberg and discovered more of Europe from the seat of a specially designed Volvo truck.

Together they recorded the video for her new song ‘Million Ways to Live’ - specially written for life on the road, while everything was documented by cameras. The song plus music video will be released in the beginning of July.

I love to travel and to get the opportunity to meet new people and cultures. And that is also what Million Ways to Live is about - the freedom to be out on the road. It is the ultimate song for a road trip,” says Mapei, whose most recent single was the hit ‘Don’t Wait’.

For Volvo Trucks, the series is a new original way to reach out with their products.

In a recorded interview I spoke to Mapei and asked her about the experience.

Listen to the interview below (12:32):

Background track: Don't Wait (Fanfar Remix)

The series is comprised of a total of eight episodes released in batches over a three week period. You can see the first three episodes of Reality Road below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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