Friday, 16 November 2012 00:20

Mariama Gives Tantalizing Clues

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Presents are always nice when you have a clue about what’s in them. It helps to avoid disappointments, too. A recent video posted on our Facebook Group page gave a very tantalizing clue about what is to come. The amazing teaser video was for the song 'Money' by Mariama (SWE), and it simply blew us away – so, of course, we needed to find out more!

Thursday, 11 October 2012 22:38

From A family of Music

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Natanael is a Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer, from Stockholm, Sweden. This 26-year-old comes from an incredibly musical family, and you can feel that music's been running through his veins since birth. He even walks in tune.

Friday, 21 September 2012 00:42

Secret London

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Scandinavian Soul chat with Karin Fransson (SWE)

In the heart of London, one of the world’s greatest cities, there are still secrets to be discovered. Those secrets are seen, from our perspective, even better when they did not originate in England.

Originally from Jönköping in Sweden, Scandinavian singer Karin Fransson has lived in London for the past seven years. Her smooth debut album “Private Behaviour” has been on my playlist for a while, so I was pleased that our timetables crossed during my visit to this busy city.

Sunday, 19 August 2012 22:12

Music doesn't have Colour

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Scandinavian Soul meets Marie Dahlstrøm (DK)

Although London's summer weather was looking to conspire to dampen more than just my spirit, it at least relented as I approached the tall Danish singer in this Capital city’s busy underground. Having lived in the heart of London for the past three years, Marie Dahlstrøm knows these streets well, as she leads me to her suggested café in Hoxton.

As we engage in conversation I realise her Danish accent is quite pronounced yet completely hidden when in song, and – to my delight – I hear familiar traits of 'London's street slang' appear every now and then.

 Right now in the UK, the media is picking up on her mesmerising jazzy, soulful talents and even the Manchester United footballer, Rio Ferdinand, cites her on Twitter as one of his favourite singers.

Monday, 09 July 2012 20:52

One Cool Kitty

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Some voices only need to be heard once to make an immediate and profound impact. Take Danish singer Kit Flensted, for example. Her songs 'Kommet Hjem' and 'Den Eneste For Mig' both capture a soulful, delicate, effortless sound, rich with feeling. There's without doubt something unmistakably special about her.

Swedish soul/Funk legend Magnum Coltrane Price describes her as his 'biggest and most emotional find on the net so far!' Naturally, we were keen to learn more…

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 14:54

Soul kicking

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The role of a music producer can be vast and varied and there is no denying they play a vital role in nearly every song you've ever enjoyed. Often overlooked the producer can be the engineer, beat maker and talent spotter.

One such producer is PEO, a 33 year-old beatmaker, producer and songwriter, who hails from Kristianstad in the southern part of Sweden. Having heard some of his songs such as 'Good Love / Impossible Love' featuring the Swedish singer Sofie, we decided to find out more.

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