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Introducing Charlotte Dos Santos (N)

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Each year new voices appear and bloom in the growing Scandinavian soul genre as it develops and re-defines modern soul sounds. This time in Norway we've unearthed an exciting young lady who’s voice warms, and floats with a touch of innocence. Her name is Charlotte Dos Santos.

Charlotte is Norwegian and Brazilian and has been living in the USA for the past two years.

Speaking exclusively to us she explained, “I’m currently doing my last year of Berklee College of Music for a Performance and Arranging Major, and now doing an exchange year in Valencia where I will focus on flamenco singing. I graduate this spring.”

Watching You

Watching You was the stunning first track we heard with Charlotte’s sweet tone, overlaid vocal samples and excellent production by Fredfades set our speakers a glow. UK DJ Niceness (Godfrey Fletcher) understandably immediately added it to his playlist on StillDope Radio:

Classically trained Charlotte is heavily influenced by jazz which she has been singing for the past 5 years.

“I also grew up on D'Angelo, Jill Scott, Mrs. Badu and Bilal. All of them have had a huge influence on my music as well” she continued.

Take it Slow

Looking at photos of Charlotte there is a real sense of shyness to her. In the few images of her online she’s positioned far from the camera, almost reluctant to be seen.

Charlotte’s music clearly speaks for her instead.

The tracks, Watching You and Move On, were released on Jakarta Dubplate # 3 by Mutual Intentions on Jakarta Records Berlin, Germany. Limited to 100 hand numbered vinyl copies it has already sold out.

“I’m working on an album right now, hopefully will be released in the spring!”

Do not miss that. Make no mistake Norwegian singer Charlotte Dos Santos is one to watch.

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