Wednesday, 17 January 2018 16:29

Jagne & Louam combine on new R&B/hip-hop single

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Vår Väg (Our Way) is the fresh new R&B/hip-hop single born from a cross-country collaboration of Jagne and Louam.

Sung in Swedish, the production is mellow and modern, drawing you in with a catchy chorus and harmonious duet.

Hailing from Sweden, 21 year old Jagne introduces his smooth lyrical delivery, accompanied by Norwegian songstress Louam, who impressed many with her debut tracks last year.

Jagne has already written and recorded music for over ten years, developing himself as an artist, songwriter and drummer while studying at Rhytmus Music School, Malmo.

Louam, who now sports a stylish cropped-blonde hairstyle, has over 600K of total streams for 2017 for singles such as 'All Cool' and 'No Time' and has quickly built up numerous followers at home and abroad. Louam will release more music later this year, described as funky and towards classical R&B / soul.

Vår Väg certainly impresses though it could/should last longer than 2:37, but hey, Sweden and Norway together - always sounds like Scandinavian soul music to our ears!

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