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Klara Kazmi's new single has advice for men - Keep it in your pants!

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Swedish singer Klara Kazmi's new single addresses the serious issue a lot of women have sadly been the victim of - Dick Pics.

Dick Pics is the name of Klara's new single, and it's no laughing matter.

'I saw in my generation (from 80-90's) there's been a lot of unwanted Dick Pics', says Klara. 'It has become normal before dating, within social media, and on dating sites, but I've even received them from random men I've met on the street!'

'It's also kind of important for me that men don't feel blamed. I want to initiate a dialogue. I want this song to be used as an information song. Something women can send to guys that send them dick pics.'

Klara has voiced this new male illness with wonderfully worded skill.

Cleverly re-wording Jay-Z's track (originally by Ice-T), 'I've got 99 Problems but a Dick ain't one' is just one of the humorous, lyrical wordplays to appreciate on the track, all without devaluing the song's message.

With a video landing soon we hope this track goes immediately viral.

And from us to all men, remember the quote below:

dick is

Dick Pics is out on Spotify today

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