Thursday, 09 November 2017 10:12

Loidimo releases official video - Thousand Million Times

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We sang the praises of Loidimo's debut track - Thousand Million Times, and we're about to sing them even louder now its matched with a good-looking video.

Directed by Teo Dimitriadis, the well-produced visuals highlight the song's quality, as we see Loidimo witness his lover's betrayal.

With a catchy soul/pop sound and vocal and visual charisma, the Swedish soul singer is undoubtedly taking the rights steps previously taken by Stephen Simmonds and UK singer Craig David.

Did you know you can say 'Fuck' on Scandinavian radio?

When listening to the radio in Sweden, Denmark etc. you should expect to hear the full, unedited, x-rated version of songs while in the car.. on a school run!

Written and produced by Loidimo, Martin Påhlsson and Kasper Lindgren the single does drop an 'F' bomb that may offend some global listeners.

Edited or not we strongly expect Loidimo to be heard way beyond the borders of Sweden very soon.


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