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Loulou LaMotte releases her debut song/video - Pray For You

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Out now is the debut song and video by Swedish soul newcomer Loulou LaMotte ‘ Pray For You’, and she makes an immediate impact.

With a vibe similar to Harleighblu, Jill Scott and our own Linn & Freddie, Pray for You has lush neo-soul vocals, sweet horns and conscious lyrics to instantly make this a must-listen-to track!

Pray for You is written in response to prejudices and the singer asks;
’If I was thin and all would you like me more?
If I was blonde or tall would I be better than before?’

Instead Loulou turns the other cheek and prays on this stunning debut.
‘Hating is never worth it’ she sings.

The Malmö based singer and songwriter Loulou is born in Sweden with roots from Louisiana, USA.

Over the years, she has collaborated with artists such as Ken Ring, Medina, Samia, Behrang and Pauline Kamuzewu.

In 2015, she released the beautiful single "Completely" together with Mike "The C.I.T.Y" DBerry. Since then Loulou has worked passionately on her debut EP "Almost There", which consists of six self-written songs in collaboration with producer Björn "Sketch" Edqvist. The result will be a fusion of American soul with the essence of the Swedish pop she grew up with - the best of two musical worlds!

"Almost There" is due to be released on August 13 and it will also mark the beginning of a mini tour. Loulou LaMotte is an artist to watch!


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