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We may be in October however, summer isn't over yet as a feeling of warm days, and gentle breezes emanate from Marie Dahlstrøms’ new single - Where the Flowers Grow.

'Where the Flowers Grow,' is the second single, which follows her upcoming EP’s first release, 'anymore.'

The forthcoming EP is titled 'Nine' and Marie wanted to create an entirely organic project in which she recorded the majority of the tracks in her flat in East London.

Detailing the song’s origin, Marie Dahlstrøm comments “Where the Flowers Grow was written and recorded at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, the first day Marie and Moo Latte met. The feel of the track represents their mutual interest in recording live instruments to create an organic soundscape. Where the Flowers Grow is a song about self-love and discovering that it takes acceptance and freedom to grow as a person, in a relation.

‘Where the Flowers Grow’ is a track that bonds Marie and producer Moo Latte, a rich song about self-love that asserts Moo Latte’s appreciation for robust old-school hip-hop and Marie’s soulful, delicate vocal tones. While Marie bears her fondness for jazz and soul, Moo Latte floats his influences in this with old-school sounds of post J Dilla's grooves and organic textures of the live instruments and experiments inspired by the West Coast of USA.

The Danish singer, who consistently produces high-quality music, had a sold-out event at St James’ Church Islington in January, and her popularity continues to grow.

‘Nine’ is scheduled for release on 27th October, and is both a start and end of an exciting chapter for Marie.

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