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Right now there is a wonderful evolving movement within the Scandinavian Soul scene, to shed the shackles of what Soul music is, and means. When your debut release features vocals sung in Swahili, Icelandic, French and English, it stands to reason that your music should be as uncommonly ubiquitous.

With that in mind, Norway’s Chris Holm and Eirik Blåsternes, return with vocalist Sisi, under their Peanut Holmes guise, with the stripped back, almost Balearic, ethereal and sensual - Ting Som Vi Gjør.

Following their much-lauded 2016 E.P. Hello, Peanut Holmes keep things vocally closer to home, singing in Norwegian, for a track that tantalisingly reaches for your heart, to massage you in meaning.

Layers of electronica, the call and response sonics, and the interplay of male and female leads, provide a simmering tension, which bubbles, but never boils over, and rewards your ears with 4 mins of resonating clarity.

A track perfect for the beach bathed in the warming hue of the setting sun, or in relaxed and reclined mode embraced through the perfectly distilled taste of your chosen tipple!

File under very nice indeed!

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