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Resque Me / Reaching Out to You - becomes one of the most sought after vinyls in the UK

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Make no mistake, UK soul lovers love their music, and they know a great track when they hear it.

Coco Rouzier and Swedish producer Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire recently released a 7" single with a stunning A & B side, and the demand for it has quickly grown, making it one of the most sought after vinyls in the UK.

The A-side features the superb 'Resque Me' (see the video here) and the B-side 'Reaching Out to You' is #1 on London's Mi-Soul Connoisseurs Radio Show.

The Soul Connoisseurs Top 20, presented and compiled by Franklin Sinclair, encompasses all aspects of Soul based upon on genuine popularity using a variety of measures including sales, airplay, social media stats, streaming stats, etc..

Take a listen to the show below:

If you're very lucky copies may still be available from

While old school digital lovers should visit here: ITunes

...and Nordic radio stations should visit:

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