Scandinavian Soul Studio Sessions

scandinaviansoul session

At we’re determined to further increase national and international awareness of what soul music in Scandinavia has to offer in all it’s growing forms

So our concept was simple. Take three unknown, unsigned soulful Swedish artists / bands and record them.

Cosima. Ever Say Ever. Istria.

Today we consume music at a super fast pace - instant like or dislike. We hardly ever take time to 'pump the brakes', chill and listen… and then listen again.

So, for your added pleasure, we suggest you pause before watching.


COSIMA - Come Back

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Cosima Lamberth - Lead Singer
Ida Havsed - Piano
Olov Nordström - Bass
Simon Hammarbacken - Drums

EVER SAY EVER - Paint The Sky

Liselotte Östblom - Lead Singer
Emmanuel Hailemariam - Guitar
Oskar Alex - Bass
Magnus Wiege - Drums

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ISTRIA - Första Steget

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Istria Sánchez Autio - Lead Singer
Joakim Wingenblixt - Gitarr
Patrik Thelin - Drum
Henrik Puranen - Bass
Joakim Tidermark - Bass

Andy Collins - Recording Director & Concept
Sandra Stadelmann - Producer & Editor
Cas Lemmens - Sound Engineer (Studio Recording)
Gustav Bennegård - Cinematographer
Camila Rojas Fritz - Cinematographer
Karol Machata - Sound Engineer (Mixing)

SPECIAL THANKS to Arní with team at Noodle Mama for providing great energising meals to the band and our crew.

Filmed at the Spotify Studio, Stockholm.

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