Wednesday, 08 March 2017 14:02

SHAQDI wants to see you high and naked

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Shaqdis' seductive vocals caress and entice as she asks to watch you have a 'good time' on a new R&B flavoured track - WANNA SEE YOU HIGH, produced by Zagor.

The UK producer has made an ideal partnership with the Swedish singer and together continue to create songs worthy of repeated play.

The short, colourful video is also filmed and edited by Zagor.


And if you're looking for more groove their single - Take Your Clothes Off (available for free download), is an invitation you simply can't say refuse!


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  • NEW VIDEO: Shaqdi ft. Zagor - Lover

    Without a doubt, one of the stand out EPs from 2016 was Shaqdi ft. Zagor (The EP). The Swedish singer, Shaqdi and UK producer, Zagor released a debut selection of tracks for complete contentment.

    A few months later and the music has lost none of its' immediate, seductive and enthralling impact. Now, the first track - Lover, is given a visual version with a stylish Black & White video. See below.

  • Shaqdi ft. Zagor (The EP)

    I don’t think I need a chair anymore.

    I’ve stood up and clapped to so many debut songs this year that I’m starting to lose count.

    I can still remember the feeling of hearing Daggi, Ness, Kaalm, Pomona Dream and Veronah’s debut tracks, and the wave of excitement and pleasure I felt. It’s like they connected with my very soul as I was embraced with complete, music contentment, requiring me to continue listening again, and again, and again.

    My chair was discarded once again when I pressed play on Track #1 - Lover on Swedish singer Shaqdi’s debut EP - Shaqdi ft. Zagor (The EP).

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