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10 of the Best Scandinavian Soul tracks in 2017 so far

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We're already more than six months into 2017 and Trump is still in office.

No, wait, that's not what we're going to talk about. While the world of politics seems to consume our minds and daily discussions, we thought we'd give you a summer break and fill your headphones and hi-fi with 10 of the Best Scandinavian Soul tracks released so far.

10. Daniel Rosenholm - Its gonna be alright

Daniel Rosenholm's track was a perfect start to 2017 and presented in a charming, well-made video. Produced by Daniel and Andreas Hillerborg, we see him make a desperate escape from the binds of modern life. The calming positivity flows through this exquisite track from the gentle guitar opening, by Vangelis Wessman, to the relaxing water sounds at the end.

9. Snoh Aalegra - Nothing Burns Like The Cold

From the beguiling cover art to the stripped avant-garde groove, everything about Snoh’s recent releases seems thought out and painstakingly executed. We admit being completely smitten by the Swedish-Iranian singer and continue to ask 'when is she going to tour across Scandinavia?'

8. Coco Rouzier / Red Astaire - Resque Me

The official video may have mysteriously disappeared from Youtube, but this is one track worth rediscovering. 'Resque Me' is an original, soulful Bossa Nova song written and performed by Coco with Red Astaire supplying the masterful beats layered with sweet horns. Released on 7" vinyl the b-side contains the much sought after track - Reaching Out To You.

7. Black Dylan - Get Up Child

The Danish dynamic duo 'Get Up Child' is taken from their successful debut album "Hey Stranger (2016)", and the creative and entertaining video is the work of Frederick Callinggard / U Itch I Scratch Production. Clever, stylish and witty it sums up Black Dylan too.

6. Mikala - We Got It

Mikala announced herself in a big way in 2017 with We Got It. Produced by David Mørup, the joyous harmonies, tight R&B riffs and Mikala's assured vocals on this track leaves you feeling optimistic and hopeful. In a world decidedly bereft of uplifting sentiments, it's a delight to hear.

5. Daggi Zegreat - Dansa som du vill

The irresistible Swedish singer does it again with another addictive track. Sung in Swedish this warm, soulful track is entrancingly produced by Jon MILJON Skoog at Gateway music, allowing Daggi's vocals to flow like a gentle stream.

4. Djeff - In Bloom (Album)

Yes, we recommend the entire debut album. The whole album; the instrumentation, the creative production, the organic interpretation and the soulful vocals of Keshia Christiansen are enough to demonstrate a pure, authentic and passionate desire to make soul music. Read our full review of this brilliant album here.

3. Hannes - I Went to The Jungle

The debut single from the Swedish singer has been on repeat for a while. UK DJ Rich Chocolate ( said, 'A new name to my ears but delivering something familiar, soothing and delicately smooth.' You'll also feel this stunningly eloquent premiere from the first play!

Perfect for laying back in the deck chair and soaking up the rays.

2. Pomona Dream - Tropicana

The Swedish duo reached new heights with their latest single. The Swedish duo’s (Dan Ribbs and Sandra Bang) adaptation and reworking of 80’s electronics sound has already drawn huge plaudits, and their new single demonstrates they’ve no intention of stopping there.

Tropicana is a dreamy, electro-Jazzy gem.

1. Charlotte Dos Santos - Cleo (album)

The Norwegian singer dropped her first album 'Cleo', and it's simply stunning. It's the story of a romance told with a pleasant 'loungeful' vibe from start to finish. Read our full review here.

If you only listen to one track on this list, then you might be a bit weird and should consider running for President.

Tracks not to miss:

The Band Called Oh - Tree Hugger, Sweatshop - New Religion, Nanna.B - Golden, Shaqdi - Obvious, Paul Mac Innes - Moving On, Jimmy Kuf - Crepuscular Ray, Damn! - Fröken.

With so many great sounding releases we can't wait to hear the next six months!

List compiled by Andy Collins.



Andy Collins

I'm a South Londoner now living in Sweden. I'm also a part-time DJ/ founder of Urbanlife Radio and co-founder of Scandinavian Soul. Music has always been my soundtrack to life and although I listen to everything, soul is always in my playlist.

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