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In the Scandinavian soul game, longevity has proved to be a commodity that’s in short supply. And, yes, it’s true many of the older players have either changed lanes or bowed out completely, leaving precious few hanging on in there... However, some stalwarts do still remain with us.

There’s Danish singer-songwriter Jonas Rendbo for instance. He first hit the scene several years ago with the RnB band Jonz and he’s still strutting his stuff, not only as a solo-artist, but also as a member of the band Sweatshop.

Then there’s the Swede Kaah. He got his big break in the mid nineties and is still performing today. He’s currently busy writing and producing what is soon to be his 5th studio album.

And that other Swede, Magnum Coltrane Price, the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter who made his youthful debut in the 80's continues to collaborate with an assortment of today’s popular artists; bass guitar to the fore, religiously leading his funk crusade, constantly releasing new material in a variety of flavours that are always passionate and soulful.

His latest project, Supermusic, has just been released. During the 80's and early 90's the musical melting pot that emerged out of Stockholm’s club scene certainly gave Magnum licence to indulge in his favourite genre, but he never allowed that to overshadow his other musical styles: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, you name it, Magnum plays it.

Though the Scandinavian soul journey hasn’t been entirely "bump-free", these 3 OG's (Old Geezers!) were then, are now, (and look likely to remain) determined to keep on keepin’ on!

That's the true spirit of a passionate PRIZE WINNER!

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Co-founder of Scandinavian Soul, I'm a trained music teacher, keyboardist, producer, writer and dancer. I enjoy travel and I've studied and worked abroad for 7 years, exposing me to a climate of different cultures, and a multitude of ways of creating the art I love so much.

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