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With a humble yet confident persona, soul newcomer Elias Sahlin strolls into the room. There, he finds Andy Collins setting up his camera for an impromptu photo shoot of someone who is, in my opinion, a star in the making.

Currently affiliated with the Swedish Tensta Gospel Choir, Elias, despite his tender age of 16, is no stranger to flashing lights. In fact, he could be described as an old soul in a young man’s body, and seems to be growing used to people taking notes of his raw talent.

While working with Elias on his debut track "Windows" (Part 1), I noticed a certain ease and professionalism that I rarely noticed even in full-fledged adults...interesting.

As soul-legend Bobby Womack famously sang, "Where Do We Go From Here", that question is what I asked myself while recording the young Mr. Sahlin. His vocals came forth so effortlessly, without effects or plug-ins—he had just raw soul power. 

Adapting to a new song like he's been singin' it since the lullaby stage, Elias definitely has more in common with Bobby Womack than a dilemma in my head—that rough, raspy voice, that in a second can and does transition to a clean falsetto that could mesmerize even a soulless ghoul. Trust me, you'll be mesmerized too!

I can see and hear only one direction for Elias Sahlin…

"Windows" (Part 1) is out now!

Elias will also perform at Fasching before Mary's Mine on September 21st. Click here for tickets.

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Co-founder of Scandinavian Soul, I'm a trained music teacher, keyboardist, producer, writer and dancer. I enjoy travel and I've studied and worked abroad for 7 years, exposing me to a climate of different cultures, and a multitude of ways of creating the art I love so much.

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