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Designing the Award

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To us, Scandinavian Soul is more than the exciting discovery of this wonderful music, but also an opportunity of introducing an international audience to soulful Nordic culture and lifestyle.

It was therefore important for us that a Scandinavian designer should create the award for our annual event. Having already met Ceramic designer Frida Anthin Broberg at 'Soul to Remember' (an event Frida and her husband Sebastian organise) we were delighted when she agreed to design the awards for our first-ever celebration of Scandinavian Soul artists and the music.

design1Frida designed, hand-crafted and donated the awards, and we never saw the finished items until Frida arrived on the day of the event, and the awards looked even better then in her preceding photos.

The awards design itself was very well received, actually feeling heavier than you might think, and after the event we were interested in what Frida thought of Scandinavian Soul music? 

I’ve always loved soul music! I grew up with LPs from artists like Stevie Wonder - the Scandinavian Soul genre is something I recently discovered and been listening to, says Frida.

These previous two summers my husband and I have arranged ”Soul to Remember”, a soul festival in Rönneshytta where we live, in the south of Sweden. I then got a good overview of the genre as we were looking for artists to perform. Scandinavian Soul surprises me each time with it’s quality - like Marie Dahlstrom! One of my favorites. There are so many talented artists in this genre. 

Tell us about the process of making the Awards!

Apart from my interest in soul music I work as a ceramist and designer. When Andy asked if I’d like to create the awards for Scandinavian Soul Awards it just felt right! 

The two S’s in the Scandinavian Soul logo were the first obvious assets chosen and they got shaped in black clay that I burnt at 1100 degrees. This gives the clay a look and feel of iron which I love! The S’s are attached to a piece of lacquered wood. 

Scandinavian Soul Awards

What are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by anything really - images, nature, people, meetings and music. Whilst always being in the midst of the creative processes the creativity flows naturally, and is easily adapted to anything I’m doing. I’m in this creative flow all the time, working and developing. The only time I take a break is while being a guest at events like the fantastic Scandinavian Soul Awards of course :-)


We are delighted with the results and only wish we could have kept one! On behalf of, THANK YOU Frida!

You can read Frida's blog (Swedish):

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