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SOULFULNESS with Marie Dahlstrom

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Best Album (Gloom EP), Best Video (What's it gonna be) and Artist of the Year 2013.

Not a bad list of Awards to receive, and all were given to Danish singer Marie Dahlstrom who was able to attend our very first Scandinavian Soul Music Award Night on the 26th of February in Uppsala, Sweden.

Having Marie in attendance made the evening extra special, especially being able to witness her reaction each time her name was announced.

Before she returned to the UK the next morning we met up with Marie to talk about music, and her reaction to having won three awards.

Little things can grow

Marie Dahlstrom believes in being open minded while listening to music. For all genres, including Scandinavian Soul music, she thinks it’s important to show a patient attitude towards soul music and find the good things in each tune you listen to - positivity makes her grow both as a writer and performer.

We talked about the risks of 'boxing' music and how it sometimes seems very important for people to know what genre they're listening to. She says it’s a good thing, but at the same time we need to be careful with judging quickly as soul music can sound very differently.

For Marie Dahlstrom, Scandinavian soul music is 'more about the quality, than the sound'. Though the music can be pop-sounding songs too, but still include very soulful vocals and effects.

Marie does soul music with a 'Scandinavian touch' and cares a lot about her melodies; to make them rememberable.

With this first-ever win of three awards she definitely has created a rememberable and remarkable imprint for the future of Scandinavian Soul music and artists.

Before we leave Marie smiles with her arms full of awards and says she hopes to be back soon to perform in Scandinavia.

We hope so too, and we'll let you know when!

The full list of winners can be found here

Sandra Stadelmann

Based in Stockholm with German origins, I love international experiences and discovering new things. I'm a hands-on designer, radio host and fun-loving girl with a feeling for good grooves. Soul music is a deep passion of mine and the Scandinavian waters are filled by good tunes!


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