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Sales of Vinyl continues to grow

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For many vinyl records have never been away, however over the past few years sales have been under a renaissance.

With digital streaming sources like Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud providing instant gratification, the desire for a real and tangible version of your favourite music is on the rise too.

UK sales of vinyl albums this year have already exceeded the total achieved in the whole of 2013, according to analysis by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

This rise has also been noted in Swedish stores like Hi-fi Klubben who previously sold one record player every month, now sell two a week!

Year-to-date UK sales of vinyl albums now total 844,122, according to ERA analysis of Official Charts Company data, compared with the 829,243 sales recorded in 2013.

With three months of the year still left to run, that means total 2014 vinyl sales will almost certainly exceed one million, more than four times their level as recently as 2008.

Entertainment Retailers Association Director General Kim Bayley said, "This is an extraordinary turnaround. With record labels now making more vinyl available, this trend shows no sign of abating."

However, vinyl still has a very long way to go before it becomes everyones favourite physical format. The 844,122 vinyl albums sold this year amount to less than 3% of the physical albums market with a massive 97% on CD.


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