Monday, 14 August 2017 13:21

Nanna.B - Golden EP


Historically, this precious metal has always been desired due to its relative rarity and attractive colour.

Fittingly, the cover artwork of Danish soul singer Nanna.B new EP Golden* does indeed look desirable as it gleams in pure golden hues.

Now based in LA, does Nanna's five-track EP contain any musical nuggets within this shiny exterior?
Wednesday, 09 August 2017 12:23

Benji Sedoc impresses with new single

Out now is Danish soul singer Benji Sedoc new single/video and it lovingly contains all the soul/R&B vibes to cherish from beginning to end.

We've been following the singer (Benjamin Sedoc) for a while, and his latest single titled - Friends, hears him reach new heights.
Out today is What Makes You Come -  the new single from Matilda Gratte which had its premiere on Swedish radio P4 yesterday.

Despite the title's sexual connotations, the single is instead a lovers plea for a partner to decide on their future. Produced by Christian Mombrú this smooth, soulful pop track eases away stress with gentle guitar strings and sweet harmonies.
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 15:54

Kriswontwo introduces RES on hot new single

Danish producer Kriswontwo introduces us to a new singer 'RES' with his latest collaboration - Crying For You.

Kriswontwo continues his exploration of beats and effects, and layers this track with slowed vocals and delicate, soulful vibes.
Wednesday, 12 April 2017 01:23

VIDEO: Baba Soul brings original soul

Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk and a hint of reggae combine with Baba Soul and the Professors of Funk in their official debut/video single - If You Love Me.

The charming video introduces us the smartly dressed, dreadlocked singer who sounds like a combination of James Brown and modern soul legend Charles Bradley.

Friday, 24 October 2014 00:05

Sales of Vinyl continues to grow

For many vinyl records have never been away, however over the past few years sales have been under a renaissance.

With digital streaming sources like Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud providing instant gratification, the desire for a real and tangible version of your favourite music is on the rise too.

We last saw Amanda Wium giving a scintillating performance at Soulful Tuesdays at Mojo’s Blues Bar earlier this year. Clearly this young Danish singer has started to find her voice as we listen to her on two videos recently posted.

The first is a soulful teaser of her forthcoming single 'Energy'.

Friday, 11 April 2014 13:07

Humus - A desire for soul

A couple kiss, slowly, longingly, and passionately. The camera remains fixed, focused on the pair as their mouths explore one another and their hands gently stroke and caress their bare skin.

This was exactly how we first discovered the Finnish duo group Humus (Heikki/Tiia) in 2013 with the sensual video which features lead singer Tiia and her real-life partner in a soulful version of the ‘Whole Lotta love’ classic, originally sang by Led Zeppelin. triple Award winner Marie Dahlstrom finds another perfect male singer (Jeremy Passion) to compliment her on the brand new track Forget me Nots - a cover version of the classic 1982 track by Patrice Rushen.

Friday, 04 October 2013 09:27

A quick Coffee with Kara

So there I was, talking to a Hungarian songwriter, when in walks the stunning Swedish soul/blues singer Jasmine Kara, dressed in leopard skin, and says....

You could easily think that this was the opening to a bizarre dream or the start of a strange joke, but it actually happened.

Well... okay... kind of.

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