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tatarius return with new single/video - The Tone

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It's been two years since we first announced new Norwegian R&B duo - tatarius and their track - Questions struck an unforgettable cord and garnered numerous plaudits.

Since then the duo (Axel Toreg Reite and Sindre S. Gjærum) has been hard at work developing their craft in the studio and on the road.

The hard work has paid off, and tatarius has evolved into a full band with a bold new single.

Now officially listed as their debut - The Tone conveys a modern mixture of soul and R&B music driven by the soulful melodies of lead singer Sindre S. Gjærum. The lyrics are about strong and unconditional love for music, and how the music affects the listener. Smooth yet strong, calm then agressive the balance is splendid and enthralling.

Released with a graphically striking video directed by Daniel Peralta (Trist&Traurig), it inventively captures the songs sweeping movements.

Norway is excelling in fabulous sounds and tatarius can be held as another symbol of this exciting trend. Long may it continue!

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