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Reverse lights on Adée - Addicted

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On our quest to find the latest soul music from across Scandinavia we usually fill the tank with premium grade and travel at 130km/per hr. Naturally, therefore, from time to time we miss writing, reviewing or listening to all the new soulful releases. In a desire to address this I'm pressing the brakes, backing up and taking the time to check them out, slowly.

So, with our Scandi Soul Mustang parked outside our favourite night spot in Stockholm, I recline in the leather seats, press play on the album - Addicted, and shine our reverse lights on Adée.

The Swedish singer/rapper is easily one of the hardest working artists in Sweden, often on tour, in interviews and on stage. Understandably nominated for SSMA Artist of the year in 2015, she also seems to be socially active day and night. Adée radiates good vibes.

Born in the northern town of Kalmar in Sweden, she has the unique ability to be a rapper and singer and deliver both with dexterity and honesty.

Her debut single 'Woman’ introduced us to her soul-hop style and the track has become a positive anthem of womanhood.

'World on Fire' also proved extremely popular and was on heavy rotation on several UK radio stations. The UK pick up Nordic urban vibes far quicker than at home.

On 30 Sep 2016 Adeé released her debut album 'Addicted' (which includes 'Woman' and 'World on Fire'), and it's slipped under many radars. Some established websites (cough, cough) haven't reviewed it either. It easily deserves a reverse listen.

The album opens with the dark and moody - Eleanor before brightening with the soul-hop - Make my Day. The catchy pop track still reminds me of Clint Eastwood's catchphrase although I'm sure it's unrelated.

No amount of auto-tune or technical adjustments can disguise bogus or lame hip-hop lyrics. There's simply no hiding place. So I can confidently say Adée nails it. She burns confidence and attitude - it's not an act.

Adée effortlessly transforms from hardcore, 'fuck you bitch' rhymes to gentle, 'let me caress you' vocals. She seems to be able to convey it all.

On the R&B flavoured 'Addicted' Adée purrs;

So hold me,
please me, touching nothing but my body,
don't let me go
Love me, kiss me, make me feel sexy honey

her vocals are soaked in sensuality and emotional seduction.

After being caressed, she slaps you with the warning sample track - EMMA before the hard-hitting rap of - CIRCUS pumps. And you won't argue with her when she says:
I'm the boss,
a fucking queen.

Another example of her lyrical diversity continues in the heartfelt ballad - A Good Man. It's pleasing to hear tracks written on father figures despite the sadness of the content. Her writing skills are unquestionably good.

If you're looking for more testimony of her soulful prowess, sink into the delightful single - Patient (feat. Mpho Ludidi). The soul production on this is solid, and the bass drops between the singer's verses are classy. I've had this single on repeat for a while now, along with World on Fire.

The album has a bit of everything. The 11 track album does variate in style and the undulations are pronounced on a complete playthrough. However, it remains strong and engaging throughout.

It's this that may make it difficult for some to know where to 'place' her. Don't place her anywhere, just take a listen. Adée's unique, and her debut album is an example of the colourful kaleidoscope of emotions that burns inside her.

Glad I stopped to listen.

3star rating
Andy Collins

I'm a South Londoner now living in Sweden. I'm also a part-time DJ/ founder of Urbanlife Radio and co-founder of Scandinavian Soul. Music has always been my soundtrack to life and although I listen to everything, soul is always in my playlist.

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