Sandra Stadelmann

Sandra Stadelmann

Based in Stockholm with German origins, I love international experiences and discovering new things. I'm a hands-on designer, radio host and fun-loving girl with a feeling for good grooves. Soul music is a deep passion of mine and the Scandinavian waters are filled by good tunes!

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 23:46

Tingsek plans to make his dreams come true

This is the first time I get to meet Swedish soul singer Tingsek, and the first time I’ll see him perform live.

As I prepared our interview I struggled to find a huge amount of information about him online, though having been part of the Scandinavian Soul scene for a while I've understood most musicians know his name. For many artists he is held in high admiration, and his name is mentioned as a pioneer in Swedish soul music.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 23:11

Feeling the energy of Julias Moon

Not many bands have managed to get me hooked as instantly and with such power as Danish band Julias Moon did.

Their track ‘Lipstick Lies’ was being shuffled on YouTube after having listened to fellow Danish soul band Scarlet Pleasure, and invited me to press play. I was delighted when I realisied Julias Moon were Danish and part of the growing soulful scene in Scandinavia, but even more exciting was the fact that they were about to perform in Stockholm just a couple of days later. 

Friday, 06 June 2014 13:14

Gothenberg Festival gets Soulful

I discovered Swedish soul band The Magnolia through a friend who described how she was sitting on her floor crying out of pure happiness while watching a clip of their song 'White as Snow'. Now, after having seen them perform live, surrounded by the sunset in Gothenburg, I can completely see why.

Thursday, 29 May 2014 01:02

Music is a Circus

I already knew Sami Tammela due to his soul music work in the band-duo Oaklyn, together with vocalist Linda Ilves. Just recently, I was lucky enough to see them perform live for the first time in Helsinki with the Finnish Soul Collective (Dolla Lova & The Man).

Now I’m sitting with Sami in a different context. For the last two weeks, Sami has worked on the sound design for the Race Horse Company and their show Super Sunday – a contemporary circus piece with acrobatics on an extreme level. Together with six other guys, Sami has worked, eaten, and slept in the venue for their show in Hangaren, Stockholm to prepare for the premier.

Thursday, 03 April 2014 13:05

Tanya releases her Superpowers

Located in the affluent area of Stockholm is the Story Hotel. Its raw cement walls mixed with cosy sofas and dimmed lights make it a very attractive venue to visit, and it’s this location that Swedish soul singer Tanya has chosen as the setting for her new single release ‘Superpowers’.

Monday, 10 March 2014 23:22

SOULFULNESS with Marie Dahlstrom

Best Album (Gloom EP), Best Video (What's it gonna be) and Artist of the Year 2013.

Not a bad list of Awards to receive, and all were given to Danish singer Marie Dahlstrom who was able to attend our very first Scandinavian Soul Music Award Night on the 26th of February in Uppsala, Sweden.

Having Marie in attendance made the evening extra special, especially being able to witness her reaction each time her name was announced.

Before she returned to the UK the next morning we met up with Marie to talk about music, and her reaction to having won three awards.

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