Freddi Ramel

Freddi Ramel

Born and raised in Stockholm, and a devoted funkateer and soulman since the first time I heard the craziness of George Clinton in my teens. Apart from being a journalist, I’m a manic soul and funk record collector and a DJ with the duo Freddzor & Mossboll

Saturday, 09 January 2016 15:34

Opolopo - Superconductor

The fourth full-length album Superconductor by Swedish boogie-funk extraordinaire Peter Major, aka Opolopo, emphasises his musical roots in the 80s funk and disco-scene, as well as old school Chicago house.

It’s been five years since Opolopo put out his last full length album, Voltage Controlled Feelings, on the Tokyo Dawn label. These past years he has instead been putting out remixes and edits, resulting in both the remix-album Mutants from 2011 and a whole bunch of 12’’. Now he’s back again on another label, Z records, with music ranging from his more ambient-style instrumentals to house and old school 80s disco-boogie.

On the morning of 25th of November a friend of mine shared a link on Facebook. I consider that friend a respected voice in the subject of funkiness, which got me interested. Minutes later I listened to the album ”Solar Satisfaction” by the Gothenburg-based band Manganas Garden. I was floored, to say the least. And to my surprise, they were gonna play the Stockholm-venue Obaren that same evening.

Of course, I needed to put on my dancing shoes and get my arse over there!

Saturday, 28 November 2015 03:20

Discofied with a new Swedish Export

For about five years, producer and DJ Oliver Nelson has been putting out remixes from his studio in the  small Swedish town, Uppsala. This summer he finally released his first original single, Found Your Love, together with singer Skogrå (Formerly known as Heir), and another is on the way!

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