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NEWTIMERS - Falling (Sir Sampalot remix)

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Three into one does go! Producers Tim Lundblad and Andreas Cavaco are Swedes with a funky mission. After several years of writing and producing songs for numerous other acts, they’re now a signed act in their own right on Sweden’s Rec Rec Records label.

Tim + Andreas = NEWTIMERS.

As the Newtimers they recently linked up with producer/artist Sir Sampalot (better known to many as Rikard "Skizz" Bizzi - one-half of the now defunct production duo UP HYGH) to make an awesome remix of their Prince-tinged single "Falling", and what does it sound like?

Like the best of the 80s with a touch of modern electro soul. The drums are hard but warm sounding, compressed but still loose. And the vocals - wow!

Andreas’ ecstatic and passionate tones are delivered with a comedic awareness that deliberately drips  with sultry lyrics about Sex. The deep old school sounds and the melodic richness take me to a great space musically speaking. Looking forward to hearing future collaborations between these three respected artists.

This single gets a full 10 out of 10.

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Co-founder of Scandinavian Soul, I'm a trained music teacher, keyboardist, producer, writer and dancer. I enjoy travel and I've studied and worked abroad for 7 years, exposing me to a climate of different cultures, and a multitude of ways of creating the art I love so much.

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