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Old vibes, New Times

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Newtimers - Ego EP review

After what seems like a long hiatus, the Stockholm duo Newtimers (Andreas Cavaco and Tim Lundblad) are back with a full project - Ego EP; five songs with a tingling 80's vibe, pop hooks and electro-funk which doesn’t slow these multi-talented composers and performers down.

ego 240First track ‘Game Over’ takes you to a youthful place with its chilled light-funk Rufus-sounding arranged pop-soul sounds. Warm keys over soulful straightforward vocals make this opener a very pleasant one. The build up to the final chorus with the slowed down vocals are just.... RE-PLAYABLE!

Second song ‘Heavy Weather’ continues in the same "backseat" head nodding manner as the first, the chord-changes gives me more of a Gnarls Barkley feel, though repetitive, takes you in to a positive trance with it's catchy chorus.

‘She's A Gun’ starts off as something out of a Hall & Oates album from three decades ago, fast-paced and straight to the point.

‘Trains’ has a slightly more artistic composition than the prior tracks with its stop and start instrumental and "naked" end-part, stripped down then back to full arrangement.

The lyrics to the final song ‘Waterfall Sky’ are very reflective and thoughtful, but oh so short which makes you long for more.

Overall this is a very strong disc with a varied but still linear soulful sound. Will be great to see this slow-funk outfit in a live setting though... hopefully sometime this year.

Scandinavian Soul gives this modern day retro duo 4 out of 5.

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Co-founder of Scandinavian Soul, I'm a trained music teacher, keyboardist, producer, writer and dancer. I enjoy travel and I've studied and worked abroad for 7 years, exposing me to a climate of different cultures, and a multitude of ways of creating the art I love so much.

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