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Naked Ivy (DK) – Since I Met You EP

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Danish soul continues to flourish with the latest debut EP release Since I Met You by a young danish band called Naked Ivy.

This was my first introduction to the band having just joined the team, and being a devoted soul lover, I'm keen and excited to listen to the growth of soulful music from the Scandinavian and Nordic regions.

The EP is best described as funk, soul and pop spiced up with talkbox and beat boxing. It can be found on streaming channels like Spotify and it was there I sunk in to the opening track, Since I met You, which has got groove, high energy and a catchy chorus that makes you tap your feet. It's my favourite track next to the laid back No Return where lead singer, Karen la Cour, delivers a strong vocal performance.

Throughout this EP Karen's vocals are stunning, warm and distinct for a young singer who I'm told only turned 18 this week!*

*at the time of writing

On Somebody it's time for some talkbox and a more angry vocal. This track has a stressful vibe that makes you hold your breath unwillingly but it's a treat when they bring it down and keep it slow, smooth and simple.

The bold, soulful opening of Defiance reminds me of Somebody Elses Guy by Jocelyn Brown and feels like a refreshing take on the old funk classic.

In general Naked Ivy are doing good and have great skills for songwriting too, but for me the arrangements are a bit plain. 

With a band of 8 members there is a lot going on with guitar solos, talkbox, horns and different keyboard sounds. At times it seems the band has more attention on everybody playing a part on every track rather than keeping focus on what's best for the individual song.

Lets Get Away is for me the weakest link, meanwhile the short City Affairs makes you wonder where this sweet affair could have taken you.

Naked Ivy have got real potential, no doubt, and it'll be interesting to listen and watch this band as they develop their musical skills. rating 3/5

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Pernille Kureer

I’m a Danish graphic designer who lives in Copenhagen and I've soul and funk in my blood! As a little girl I remember doing the dishes combined with dancing on friday nights to Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder. I sing a bit, play a bit and I'm kind of nerdy when it comes to soul music. I miss vinyl and all the “fun" facts that comes with the cover.

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