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Fatima - Follow You EP

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Fatima's four track "Follow You" EP opens with long sustained harmonies, echoes & repetition to the point that you feel that you're in a trance, trance, trance, trance, trance.

Right from the start you can hear her growth as a vocalist since her last EP " Mind Travellin". The opener "Cinnamon" leads you in and finally gets your head nodding at 1:37 when the drums comes in synched with a subby bassline, dreamy electronica and key-stabs.

The "stabby" vibe continues with the second track "Mind" which is also a single/video. Gritty "Roots"-'esque drums sets the base for this banger, as is the same with the freeflowing keyboard lines, but the main focus here is Swedish soulstress Fatima's captivating voice, her depth tells a story before even saying it.

The third song "Red Light" is a proper "build-up" composition, the instrumental portrays a lightful UK- house arrangement with percussive instruments coming in and out during the length of the record. The vocals on this track is the most fitting with the beat. Dynamically correct, dreamy, loose but still articulate.

The last track "Innervisions" displays as aforementioned this young lady's pipes to a mystical yet laidback and secure backdrop, the restrained production on this song puts the focus on the words & the singing which is damn near a-m-a-z-i-n-g.'

Follow You' might be a short project, but it sure is oh so engaging and unimpaired.

Scandinavian Soul gives this disc a full 10 out of 10!

Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah

Co-founder of Scandinavian Soul, I'm a trained music teacher, keyboardist, producer, writer and dancer. I enjoy travel and I've studied and worked abroad for 7 years, exposing me to a climate of different cultures, and a multitude of ways of creating the art I love so much.

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