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Mikala’s Got It!

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Having raved about her debut single, the free to download - Save Your Love (reviewed here), emerging Danish chanteuse MIKALA returns with a surprise new release, in the shape of the mid-tempo gospel-tinged - We Got It.

If her debut was an announcement of the promise to come, then We Got It, cements that promise.

The track is a lovely stepper, and the child sung chorus and harmonious background riffs, sit elegantly alongside Mikala’s engrossing and self-assured, organic vocals.

Lyrically she paints a cinematic image of her youth, and the universal journey of finding yourself, hopefully, enveloped in the essence we all need… Love.

Mikala may have recently emerged from her Soul chrysalis, but the confidence displayed on her two opening releases will surely see those butterfly wings unfold and see her soaring to new heights. If you like your Soul/R&B sprinkled with an uplifting flavour, then this is one for you.

File under terrific.

4star rating

Rich Chocolate

Like a musical Hannibal Lector I devour anything drenched in that Soul and Jazz musk.  My love and self diagnosed OCD have seen me become an avid collector of new and classic Soul and Jazz, and led to me delivering the weekly SOULVATION RADIO SHOW.  Having been hipped to the melting pot of styles that make up the Scandinavian Soul Scene it has been my mission to oil and massage the earlobes of anyone who’ll listen to these intricate tapestries and I look forward to casting my listening ear and pen over future releases!! 


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