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Launching the new year in new style is the Prince of Scandinavian Soul, Bernhoft, whose musical style has developed and should we say, matured, over the past few months. Always regarded as a highly skilful and entertaining performer, the grammy nominated singers' new single - Visceral is an electronic /organic composition combining elements of soul, R&B and pop.

Thursday, 03 November 2016 23:56

Combo De La Musica launch exhilarating debut album

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One of Sweden’s most outstanding and versatile vocalists, Kristin Amparo, demonstrates her formidable talent on a fantastic new self-titled, eight-track album from Combo De La Musica.

Blending Latin vibes, ’60s harmonies and retro vibes, Combo De La Musica deliver a warm embrace of all the wonderful key elements that make music so very enjoyable.

The Swedish city Umeå sits to the right in the far north of Sweden. It’s a renowned university town with over 39,000 students. The winters are long and biting cold, and the summer seems endlessly bright and warm. Musically, Umeå is well known for its hardcore punk and rock scene and the annual Umeå Jazz Festival, one of Scandinavia’s largest modern jazz festivals.

Emerging between the two musical styles is the soulful Swedish singer Martina Hed, who has just released her debut EP, Introducing.

Friday, 09 September 2016 02:10

Shaqdi ft. Zagor (The EP)

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I don’t think I need a chair anymore.

I’ve stood up and clapped to so many debut songs this year that I’m starting to lose count.

I can still remember the feeling of hearing Daggi, Ness, Kaalm, Pomona Dream and Veronah’s debut tracks, and the wave of excitement and pleasure I felt. It’s like they connected with my very soul as I was embraced with complete, music contentment, requiring me to continue listening again, and again, and again.

My chair was discarded once again when I pressed play on Track #1 - Lover on Swedish singer Shaqdi’s debut EP - Shaqdi ft. Zagor (The EP).

Monday, 05 September 2016 22:13


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If you research the artist Farida, you’d be surprised to come across an article whose author opens by expressing shock at hearing R&B from Norway. A little more research would reveal that Norwegian Soul & B&B has been on the rise for a while, thanks to artists such as Rebekka B, Bernhoft, Beady Belle, Monica Ifejilika, Nosizwe, Baba Soul, Miss Tati and many others.

For newcomers to Norwegian soul though, there’s still a mountain of joy to be found in the discovery of these artists.

A new discovery for us is the Norwegian singer Farida, who blends the melancholy of Scandinavian life with R&B and experimental beats on her debut EP, ‘The 25th Hour’ Mixtape.

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 23:23

Tonny Flex (DK)- Electric Orchards EP

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My spelling has got me into trouble, many times. So before you ask, yes, Tonny is spelt with two n’s.

Danish singer Tonny Flex (Mathias Samsing) introduces himself to the soulful musical world with the release of his debut five-track EP, Electric Orchards.

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