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Thursday, 07 April 2016 09:48


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Springs Fragrant Flowers return!

Following their E.P. Vol. I, released pretty much this time last year, the UK Collective NATIVE DANCER return with their chronologically correct Vol. II, a 3 track E.P. Featuring the lead vocals of Swedish born, UK resident Frida Touray, Native Dancer once again demonstrate the attention to musicianship, songwriting and organic integrity they delivered on their wonderful debut.

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 23:02

Cecilia Stalin - The Love EP

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Whilst listening to Swedish singer Cecilia Stalin’s The Love EP, it’s clear that the gloves are off and the challenge to produce the best soulful music in Scandinavia is on!

UK resident Cecilia first came to our attention with the Nu Jazz act Koop 'Waltz For Koop', and subsequently the release of her EP ‘The Story of Love is...’ in 2015, which was very well received by us. The jazzy/soul selections described by DJ Rich Chocolate as ‘a warmth inducing, elixir of life’ still resonate today.

Cecilia continues her theme of ‘love’ with her new ‘The Love EP’, released on Feb 1, which takes her in a new direction from her previous jazzy sound. Immediately from the opening harp strings that are overlaid with a spoken word intro, you just know this is something special.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 13:40

D/troit (DK) - Do The Right Thing EP

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The guy who cuts my hair in London is called Starsky.

Just like you, I always picture the curly-haired partner from the classic 70’s TV show Starsky and Hutch. While my Jamaican barber shares no resemblance to him outside of the name, he sure can cut a sharp hair style.

While waiting to get trimmed and styled, I figured I had the ideal opportunity to listen to the 6-track debut EP Do The Right Thing from Danish band D/troit.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 13:12

Tanya (SWE) – Locked in My Mind EP

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Without a doubt Tanya is one of the hardest working singers in the Nordic soul world, tirelessly working since we first discovered her in 2012.

Her debut track 'Mr.Love', playing alongside award-winning guitarist Chuck Anthony, established Tanya as a singer with a unique sound and passionate soulful desire.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015 12:53

SoLi (SWE) – You Thought EP

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We first heard the Swedish singer SoLi (such a great name!) on her debut track 'Suffocate my Love' — a strong, soulful introduction.

SoLi now follows this with her debut EP, 'You Thought', initially released on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 00:31

Cecilia Stalin - The Story of Love is...

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Having just returned from my annual pilgrimage to the Stockholm Jazz Festival, my heart and ears fully drenched in Jazzy vibrations, it was with open arms and music ready ears that I gratefully received The Story of Love EP, the latest release from Swedish born, London resident Cecilia Stalin.

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