final cut


Furns - Final Cut

The Danish duo’s third album continues to provide a refreshing change as they blend nordic vibes into their chilled and infectious soul-pop creations.

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Marie Dahlstrom - Nine EP

It is in the quieter and more considered moments that I often find the greatest pleasures. It is why Marie Dahlstrom’s new e.p. has been a constant soundtrack for a while now.

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The Band Called Oh - Guerrilla Gardening

An album built around the concept of Guerrilla Gardening, a movement that sought to improve the urban decay of 60’s New York is certainly a brave and fascinating idea. We took a listen to the Norwegian band's new album.

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018 09:43

Furns - Final Cut

Some music is reminiscent of where it comes from geographically speaking, some is invested with a taste of where it wants to go. Furns somehow manage to blend both these vibes into their chilled and infectious soul-pop creations.

Thursday, 02 November 2017 13:39

New Video: Emily Simbi - Walk With Me

Music doesn’t have to be heavily produced to evoke unbounded emotion and depth. Like a solo church choir singer, the tones don’t need to loud for the verbal echoes to reverb in an inner part of us - a part we call the soul.

Danish folk/soul singer, Emily Simbi, who has Haitian roots, touches on these feelings with her new delicate ballad - Walk with Me.
The distinct logo design of the Danish band Furns is as recognisable as their sound. In contrast to the logos' sharp edges, the smooth tone of Furns is anything but thorny.

Since 2013, the Danish duo (Monika Faludi and Mathias Dahl Andreasen) has pushed the edges of Nordic soul and pop with their dreamy, 80's influenced, ethereal sound. It's not for everyone. However, many loyal fans (Furnies!), including us, have been drawn in by their soulful vocals and laid back productions.
Saturday, 05 November 2016 03:09

Danish duo Furns release special edition vinyl

Vinyl loves should get their credit cards ready as Danish duo Furns release their album ‘Only Through Your Eyes' on beautiful vinyl.

Furns consists of Monika Faludi and Mathias Dahl Andreasen, and the recently married couple celebrated their union with the birth of a vinyl album.

A majority of new visitors to our site usually arrive with a pre-conceived idea of what they’ll discover. However, throughout Scandinavia the chords, the melody and the essence of soul has been translated and evolved via a new generation of artists and bands. One such band is Furns. When I first heard the Danish duo I was immediately taken by their unmistakable smooth, soulful vocals with a dreamy and melancholic sound.

With their second album due to be released this week I spoke to Furns, Monika Faludi and Mathias Dahl Andreasen, to discover more about them and their music.

Out today is the unmistakable dreamy sound of Furns with their new single - Your Love.

Furns consists of Monika Faludi and Mathias Dahl Andreasen, and the track is taken from their forthcoming album - Only Through Your Eyes.

Monday, 10 August 2015 23:05

FURNS (DK) - Forever Yours

For us at, the term ‘Scandinavian soul music’ can be described as music which is a direct reflection or interpretation of original American soul, and those artists who stray far from it whilst retaining an essence of ’soulfulness’.

It’s the wonderful diversity and uniqueness of sounds we’ve discovered in the Nordic regions that makes listening so exciting, fresh and thoroughly enjoyable.

Friday, 24 October 2014 20:15

FURNS Release their Debut Album

Our today is the Danish band Furns self-titled debut album which consists of 10 brand new original songs, written, composed and produced by the duo.

Monday, 18 August 2014 00:44

FURNS (DK) - Stay with Me

Ok, we won’t go as far as calling the Danish duo FURNS a ‘soul band’, (even they class their music as Pop), however we’ve found some of their music very soulful indeed!

Stay with Me is their latest release, and it’s six plus minutes of dreamy sweet vocals, oozing with Soul!

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