Susanne Ørum


“Go with the flow, just find your own beat”

Using a voice that oozes the great things of USA’s soul music history, clear elements from the high north and a pinch of Spanish temperament, Susanne writes and sings her own passionate and soulful songs.

She made her debut in ’94 with the Danish girl group “Me – She & Her”, who won a Grammy for “New Danish Name of the Year” and had a huge hit in Denmark and Sweden with the song “I Count the Minutes” by Diane Warren.

As a solo artist, Susanne has released two singles in England: “If It’s Cool” (Soul Street 3) and “Heavenly Haze” (Essential Soul). She is also featured on American rapper Torman Jahi’s songs: “Cycles of Life” and “Wordpower Sound”. In 2017, she released on her label, Vocal Corner, the singles “Lullaby for Lou” and “Peace, Joy, Love” as well as “Right here, right now” (Korprojekt 2017).

Susanne has toured Denmark, Sweden, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle. On 22 October 2018, her first full album with nine songs will be released. The album is called GET REAT. As a prelude to the album, two singles were released, MASTER OF YOUR OWN SHOW and RIGHT ELEMENT, in 2018.

Danish singer-songwriter Susanne Orum recently released her debut album, Get Real.