Blacknuss 2.0

Seven people multi-cultural


25 years in the business!

Blacknuss was formed as a club at Fasching in Stockholm during the early 1990s under the leadership of Martin Jonsson and has over the years collaborated with Robyn, Titiyo, Lisa Nilsson, Christian Falk to name a few.

The Blacknuss collective has become known for songs like “Dinah”, “Last night a DJ saved my life”, “Thinking of you” and others.

Actual line up: Blacknuss 2017/2018
Mary N’Diaye: song
Prince M’Pedzisi: song
Elly Eve: Song
Chuck Anthony: Guitar
Desmond Foster: bass
Martin Jonsson: drums
Johan Lyander: keys
Tore Berglund: Sax
Mats Älklint: Trombone
Albin Grahn: Trumpet

Mary N’Diaye, Prince Mpedzisi, EllyEve, Martin Jonsson, Desmond Foster, Chuck Anthony & Johan Lyander

“It feels like a fresh start for Blacknuss, not least that we’ve found a whole new generation of artists who, just like us, love soul and RnB,” says Martin.

“We are like a single music family!”


2 Grammys