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Think of Soul music, and you probably think of the iconic cities that gave birth to the genre, Detroit, Philadelphia, Memphis and Chicago rather than anywhere in Scandinavia. But the fact that here is a site dedicated to soul artists based in the Nordic Countries – Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland – shows you the genre has come a long way in the last 70 years.

Soul music may be facing difficult times; many artists forge their careers abroad, some chose to take more obvious musical paths and some tire of battling the odds and give up altogether. It often feels like there is little support for such artists, especially when it comes to mainstream outlets and commercial radio.

Scandinaviansoul.com is on a mission to change that.

To support and promote the soul sound, to stage events and gigs, to raise awareness, to interview and review the artists, to act as a voice for the music that we love.

Soul music is often talked about in nostalgic terms, but we are very much about the modern face of the scene because by building it a solid platform today ensures that it has a rich and exciting future.

Soul music never goes out of fashion it just moves with the times, and so we are dedicated to finding, supporting, promoting and championing the best of the modern soulful artists from a broad perspective and making sure that there is a vibrant scene and a bright future for the genre.

In short, if it is soulful and it is based in Scandinavia, you will find it covered here.

Andy Collins / Editor

Our Soul Loving team

Founder / Editor
Andy Collins

When I listen to the music I escape. I'm happiest there. I enjoy discovering new music but the best part is sharing it. It's made to be shared and we all deserve to be happy. Contact: andy (@) scandinaviansoul.com

Dave Franklin

I'm a writer specialising in all aspects of arts and culture. Over the years I have been a musician, promoter, theatre and film journalist, book reviewer, record label owner and festival organiser, all experience which informs my writing.

Amandus Kraftling

Scandinavian-Brazilian 90s kid, raised and currently studying in Uppsala. I grew up with soulful music, and have a passion for urban culture. So naturally, I live to spread it, along with good vibes! Peace n Luv!"

Our roll call of contributors who we owe so much…

Sandra Stadelmann, DJ Rich Chocolate, Stevie Nii-Adu Mensah, Pernille Kureer, Christoffer Hiding, Thomas Østergaard, Cæcilie Fundal Månsson, Freddi Ramel, Michael Alfanso Thompson, Theodor Lundgren, Camila Rojas Fritz, Gustav Bennegård, Adée, Veronica Larsen, Maria Friberg.