Everything Scandinavian Soul is and isn’t

Everything Scandinavian soul isn’t

  • A genre of music.
    To define a sound as ‘Scandinavian Soul’ is extremely challenging. Since the 80’s to today, the soulful sound has changed and evolved. However, several artists have produced music unique to these countries (Dim Out, Moses Hightower etc.). Songs sung in native lyrics are always regarded as Scandinavian soul.
  • A copy of soul music created in the US.
    Though some bands and artists do lovingly replicate retro sounds.
  • Blue-eyed soul.
    It’s just a term that doesn’t fit for the broad range of backgrounds of today’s artists – Columbian, Gambian, Iranian etc.
  • A trend.
    Some commercial ‘hit’s but in the whole it’s an original tapestry of new music made for love, not charts.


Everything Scandinavian soul is

  • Scandinavian soul is the name of the website.
    The music I (we) share is what I (we) deem as soulful. It’s a pretty broad brush so always expect the unexpected.
  • Artists we share are independent and in no way a part of ‘our brand’ or website unless stated. We just try to support them in every way possible.
  • This website is a window for you to find a collection of music only found across Scandinavia with a common soulful thread.
  • Different.