Magnus Carlson

Magnus Carlson


Magnus Carlson was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1968. He is a singer, songwriter, DJ, and record collector. After playing in various cover bands in the nineties he formed the indie group Weeping Willows. Their 1997 debut album was an instant success and the band soon became a national household name.

In 2003 Magnus launched what would become a very successful solo career. One that now has established him as one of the biggest male artists in Sweden today. He has released a total of 16 albums in the last twenty years, many of them gold and platinum records.

At the heart of his passion for music lies an overall love of the sixties.

That is particularly evident on his most recent releases. In the autumn of 2017 he released a string of authentic northern soul singles followed up by a Motown/Spector-influenced Christmas mini-album together with Weeping Willows. A new, through-and-through, jazz EP is lined up for release in 2018, as is his first ever full length solo album in the UK, which was largely recorded and produced by Andy Lewis at Paul Weller’s Black Barn studio in Surrey.