The Magnolia

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Soul music originated in the heart of America’s Gospel Churches and from the struggles of black Americans. Scandinavian soul music represents the vast adaptations of soul produced in the Nordic regions since that time. Today, influenced by modern artists, soul music continues to be reinterpreted and remixed and can contain simple electronic cords to classical violins.

Deep in the south of Sweden (well.. deepest Gothenburg) is a band who’ve captured the original soul sound – The Magnolia.

Yeah, we love the name of the band too!

The six member-band have burst onto the soul music scene with a sound of old southern soul, Stax, Motown and modern beat soul. The band consists of: Albin Meldau, Arvid Nero, Malte von Sydow, Gabriel Castro, Pontus Hedström and Kalle Stenbäcken.

Lead by two solo singers The Magnolia have created a classic band dynamic, and a captive live experience.

Best Band in 2014