Imla invites you to Sunny Street

Dressed in purple and long, black laced gloves, the charismatic, ever-smiling singer gave an elegant performance opening with her new single Sunny Street. Andy Collins went to Swedish singer Imla's launch event in Stockholm.

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Artymove define their own alternative R&B/POP

We took a listen to Artymoves’ new album ‘All Time Winners’ as they combine the sounds from electronica, pop, soul and R & B. It’s not a straightforward collection of songs.

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Pomona Dream - Rainbow Milk

Pomona Dreams debut EP is a uniquely attractive collection of songs with Sandra Bangs blissful jazz/soul vocals married with Ribbs deftly-produced hypnotic beats.

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It’s not very often we’ll tell you about an artist without letting you hear the full joys of their music, however, this time we felt it necessary to give you an early heads up. You really won’t want to miss hearing Daggi Zegreat's debut single.

Produced by Miljon (NESS), Daggi’s neo-soul drenched track 'Sommar i december' (Summer in December) is out Friday 29th August.

Oh my.

Well, that was our reaction when we listened to Veronah's debut single - No Thing Like This, and once you’ve pressed play, we’ve a feeling it will be your reaction too.

Recorded live in the studio, the Danish band Veronah launches into the music scene with a sumptuous neo-soul track. Marie-Louise's soulful vocals are underlined with lush Rhodes keys, dynamic electric guitar chords and sweet horns to immediately produce an irresistible soul sound.

Having enjoyed a huge number of successful releases with Nicole Willis and Myron & E, the world-renowned and highly respected band, The Soul Investigators, now release a new single - After The Storm which features Willie West.

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LATEST VIDEO: Pomona Dream - Gladdic Wox

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