Imla invites you to Sunny Street

Dressed in purple and long, black laced gloves, the charismatic, ever-smiling singer gave an elegant performance opening with her new single Sunny Street. Andy Collins went to Swedish singer Imla's launch event in Stockholm.

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Artymove define their own alternative R&B/POP

We took a listen to Artymoves’ new album ‘All Time Winners’ as they combine the sounds from electronica, pop, soul and R & B. It’s not a straightforward collection of songs.

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Pomona Dream - Rainbow Milk

Pomona Dreams debut EP is a uniquely attractive collection of songs with Sandra Bangs blissful jazz/soul vocals married with Ribbs deftly-produced hypnotic beats.

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Already a legend in the Swedish soul world, Tingsek teases us with a studio version of - Gas Station Gus, the second track released from his forthcoming album. 

Tingesk said, ‘Prince always said that he made ”real music for real people” and that’s what I’ve been trying to do to for the last 15 years.’

And it is real music!

If we created a list of the artists all Swedes should know, Dim Out would be at no.1.

The highly unappreciated artist deserves far more attention. After producing a string of creative and iconic videos (Förort, There Has To Be a Way, Standards) to match his unique sound, Dim Out once again releases a video that’s seeped in humour, disjointed beats and lyrical magic.

Sportholm is the latest track and video from Dim Out and we go behind-the-scenes during a rather demanding video production.

We’re back!

While the world continues to current spin in a somewhat scary, sad and erratic fashion, the team took a little time out to recharge the soul batteries in the warm, summer sun.

So, a perfect welcome back is the new, summer infused single/video - Love, Love by Danish soul singer Bobby Bovell.

Award-winning beatmaker Kriswontwo injects his groove on the remix - which gets a fittingly creative video.

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LATEST VIDEO: Bobby Bovell feat. Dennis Bovell - LOVE LOVE (Kriswontwo Remix)

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