Dolla Lova

Girl singing



Dolla Lova is a 3-piece nu-soul-trio from Helsinki, Finland combining elements from different shades of soul and hip-hop transforming their sound to what they like to call “soulhop”.

Although Dolla Lova’s sound is modern and uses some programming along side instrumentation, the main ingredient is the classic soul with natural and organic approach.

Dolla Lova’s debut album “Fall For You” is the outcome of years of work of playing in various artists backing bands, careful studying of their chosen genre and inhaling influences from all great music around us. It glues in various styles and techniques as well as the excitement and joy of the members finally finding the way of their own.

The red line during the recording session was the line “when Mary J. shaved D’Angelo’s balls”.

Have a listen and let yourself to be lost in the world of soulhop.

Without doubt, this is a superb debut album. – Scandinaviansoul  / Fall for You album review